Collecting chilli seeds is simple….but there are a few rookie mistakes that I learned the hard way…follow these tips and I will be surprised if you fail.

Number one rule: 

Always collect seeds from the healthiest and best looking pods!!!

Remember the seeds are the plants reproductive system and just like humans we want to keep the sexy lines going!

  • Wait for the pods to fully ripen
  • Let pods sit in a warm area for a week or two to soften
  • Cut pod open and scrape seeds on to a paper towel, write variety on the paper towel…most important step!
  • Spread seeds out individually, yep its painstaking but so worth it (wear gloves because that capcacian really gets under your nails and stays there allllll day)
  • Leave to dry in a warm shaded spot for about 10 days, ensure seeds are fully dry before storing or they will go moldy.
  • Discard any seeds with dark spots or dodgy looking ones
  • Store in plastic bags, in the fridge or a cool dark place
  • Remember to label the bags….yep I have failed this test many times

IMG_3032Carolina Reaper Seeds

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