Hot Sauce Review – Hottt Ass Chillies Pacific Burn

I picked up a bottle of Hottt Ass Chillies “Pacific Burn” Mango and coconut habanero sauce at the recent Auckland hot sauce festival.

Heat: 5/10
Burn: Nice and warm, builds fast starting on the sides of the tongue but disappears just as fast.
Smell: Classic fruity habanero smell, the smell hits you as soon as you open the bottle.
Taste: SWEET! Super sweet actually, and fruity then a citrus acidic flavour bite builds into that nice burn. Awesome mango flavour punch and very subtle coconut chunks.
Perfect for: Anyone!! White fish, shellfish or smashed on a chicken breast. It super easy to eat and as the back of the bottle says, you can even put it on ice cream. Extremely eatable, get it for someone who thinks they don’t like chilli and you will change their mind

Hottt Ass Chillies Pacific Burn